The way we travel has changed a lot over time, but will travel be restricted just to earth? Spaceline aims in giving the perfect travel experience in the not so far future. Travelling to the space is restricted to astronauts. However, this will change in the future, since we have the technology to build a space elevator, using carbon nano tubes.

01. Research

In the research process different methodologies have been applied. First, we started by interviewing frequent travellers “business travellers”, we have interviewed 5 business travellers in different industries ranging from, logistics, automotive, catering. In our interviews, we identified the motivations and frustrations of a business traveller.

After the interviews we started analyzing the data that we have gathered and found out that travellers live under pressure, hard for them to keep their physical condition, and their relationships are affected. Second, we started researching on topics such as jetlag, health and fitness and psychology, in order to identify the effect of it on travellers, and to identify possible solutions.

02. Persona & Journey map

Based on the information that  we know about the traveller types, we created a proto-persona and a journey map.

Initially, we started with a proto-persona based on business traveller, and after our research and interviews, we had a better understanding of the persona and we revisited the it and started modifying the initial version. In addition, we created an initial customer journey map of a business traveller to touch point the frustrations that happen in a traveller journey.

03. Scenario

The idea was to think in the far future of how travelling would look like in 2050. Therefore, we had to come up with several scenarios using future cards method.

We’ve used a method called “Future cards”, in which we have a word and then we have to come up with scenarios about it, for example “Air Pollution”, we came up with a scenarios for it in the future, “The pollution of the earth, the 10billion of population, the unprecedented consumption of resources give a heavy pressure to the planet that we can only count on. Step out to the space is an alternative way for all humankind.”

04. Concept development

Based on the future cards and the scenarios, the concept has been developed of future space travel.

Spaceline is meant to be the company that in 2035 will provide the space transportation service, through the breaking development of the space elevator. It is a merger company that consists of three sister companies: Expedia, NASA and Hilton Worldwide. Therefore, it will bring a spectacular experiences for travellers, by combining three expert companies in the field of travel and leisure.

05. Story telling design

Three big corporations in the field of travel & tourism merged to revolutionise travelling experience, by providing trips to the space using a space elevator.

The website is structured to tell the story. The home page talks about the company, the technology and the travel experience while travelling. Additionally, interactive animations were used, in order to explain and show the services and technology in real life.

06. Interactive animations

The use of animations is to engage and explain the services and the potential experience.

The main aim from the animations is to engage the viewers about space travel and it’s benefits. Several animations were prepared, to explain the services that the company provides and the technology. Here you can see a few:

Spaceline elevator
Spaceline hotel
Moon wagon race
How it works