Find and invite Influencers easily

One of the key features of Brandnew is easing the process of creating campaigns for marketers. In which marketers setup a campaign from the brief phase, selecting and inviting influencers to reviewing content and analysing campaign results.

The challenge was to make the process of creating a campaign more efficient, by focusing and improving the flow of finding and inviting influencers.

01. Process

Defined the plan for my research by gathering data from different sources, to understand the behaviour of users and have qualitative data to help in the decision making.

I have started with having meetings with stakeholders who are using the platform on a daily basis, and I gathered and analysed the historical data from our tracking tools, such as Mixpanel, Heatmaps and Metabase to better understand how users use the platform.


Prepared research plan to identify users needs, through running interviews and doing data analysis using tracking tools.


Analysed and defined the problems which users spent a lot of time on finding and grouping influencers to be invited.


Prepared a new user flow and explored different design solutions of inviting influencers directly to the campaign.

02. Analysis

Analysed the gather information from the interviews and from the data sources of Mixpanel, Hotjar and Metabase. 

Through analysing the information, I’ve found out that users spend on average 5 days on grouping influencers to be invited to their campaign, and this affects their campaign participation rate, after that I’ve identified key pain points that are causing time wasting and influencer discoverability issues, the points are:
  • The user must add influencers to a group from the search tool and get back to the campaign to invite them to participate.
  • Most of the users know already the influencers they want to work with.
  • Too much unnecessary data displayed on the influencer card.
  • Search results are limited per page, because of the size of the card, which makes it hard for the users to see all results.

Images from previous flow of inviting and identifying influencers to a campaign.

Flowchart showing the influencer inviting flow

03. Ideation

Ideation was aiming towards decreasing the time invested in identifying and inviting influencers to a campaign. 

After identifying the key pain points and prioritizing their importance, I have started with sketching several solutions that can improve and ease the user experience. The suggested solutions were:
  • Iterating and rethinking the campaign flow, by including the search and invite creators from within the campaign steps.
  • Make the search option more prominent and providing search suggestion when entering first 3 letters of the influencer name.
  • Redesign and show important data on the influencer card, to make it easier to invite influencers and show more results.
  • Provide bulk option to select multiple creators to send invites and messages.

04. Prototyping & testing

Planned the user testing questionnaire, in order to validate the assumptions.

I’ve redesigned the user interface based on the new user flow of inviting influencers from within the campaign setup, and found the following from the user testing:
  • Users liked the new enhancement on the new search and inviting influencers flow.
  • Users found the new design of creator cards easier to use and more informative.
However, users were annoyed about a few things that could be improved:
  • Users were annoyed by the lazy load feature.
  • Users wanted to see the list of social networks that the influencer has.

05. Iteration

Second iteration was prepared after the findings from the testing.

After the user testing the findings, I have added the icons for social media that the influencer has, replaced the lazy load with pagination and improved the search by influencer name.