Brandnew IO Influencer App

Brandnew IO is a SaaS platform that empowers consumers to make better purchasing decisions. Through Influencer Marketing Automation, we help brands put authenticity back into their messaging and communications by connecting them with trusted voices in their industry. Through the iOS app, influencers can receive instant campaign updates and offers from brands, they can receive briefs, accept, negotiate offers and communicate with the brand directly through messaging within the app.

01. Process

The research plan is aimed to identify main pain points of users, prioritise them and prepare a validated solution that suits users and business needs.

The process planned with having empathy towards the users, by doing user research, identifying key pain points, doing competitor analysis and preparing design solutions, then ended it with prototype and user testing to validate the solution. This process provided a solid foundation to have better outcomes that match users needs.


Prepared research plan to identify users needs, through running interviews and doing competitor analysis on all available apps and solutions.


Analysed and defined the problems; hard to remember brief requirements, too many communication means, schedule management.


Sketched several design solutions for the identified problems, and prepared a complete user flow of the application.

02. Analysis

Information has been collected from different sources, interviews with internal and external stakeholders, and competitor applications.

I’ve started analysing the collection information, and identified main pain points; users receive campaign briefs in different formats from advertisers, and it’s not always easy to find out what the job to be done, and communication is not the best per campaign as things might slip or get missed because of different means of communication (Email, SMS, Regular calls, etc.). Also, they need a better way to plan their schedule of projects.

03. Design solutions

Started by preparing a user flow of the app and sketches of different variations for solving the main pain points.

I’ve prepared a simplified user flow of the app, sketched different explorations of the app interface and interactions, and prepared high fidelity designs and prototypes using Flinto and Pixate.

04. Prototype & Testing

Interactive prototype was prepared to simulate the end result of a native app.

I’ve prepared the scenario for testing and all required setup which consisted of an iPhone 6 and Lookback software, to record the screen and the user. The prototype was mainly tested on internal stakeholders that are influencers themselves. The findings from testing are:

  • Users were selecting too many keywords on the signup page, although they don’t reflect their account, which results on bad experience on the search engine.
  • Users had a hard time finding out the information of the number of posts required to be submitted, as it was a small text within the brief.

05. Design iteration & handoff

Second iteration was prepared after the findings from the user testing .

After identifying the issues from the user testing, I’ve prepared a second iteration of the app, which aimed to solve and eliminate the occurred issues from the testing. As for the handoff, I’ve delivered the specifications to the developers with the assets.