Attractive world signup

Attractive World is a dating platform were members pick the people they want to see in this exclusive community. Once a user registers, they will be voted at, the more votes they get, the higher chances of joining the community.

01. Problem & Objectives

Product managers approached us with the input that we are losing users in the registration process.

According to our analytics, the data shows that high percentage of users don’t finish the registration process. The objective from the process is to:

  • Discover the expectations from users, specifically around creating a profile
  • Find pain points in the user experience
  • Create solutions to solve those pain points

02. The process

Having the data in mind from our analytics, it gives a quantitative insights on where the users are dropping.

I’ve planned the process starting with Heuristic usability analysis and followed it with qualitative insights from the user testing, and ended it with validation. This process provided a solid foundation to have better outcomes that match users needs.

03. Heuristic Usability Analysis

Analysed the interface and wrote all the findings on usability and potential hypothesis of reasons of low conversion.

To have a better understanding of what might be leading to this issue, we’ve started with testing the sign up as a user, and writing down the usability issues and opportunities for improvements.

04. Hypothesis

Based on the Heuristic usability analysis, We’ve defined two hypotheses for why users are not completing their registration.

  • We believe that new visitors has a problem with spending time to create an account. So if we make the process of creating an account shorter by asking for relevant information only. Then we will see more profiles created from users.
  • We believe that new visitors has a problem with writing answers for open ended questions. So if we provide preset of answers for the questions that users can select from.Then we will see more profiles created from users.

05. User testing

To gather qualitative insights on the user experience, We’ve conducted a user testing using ( service and tested on 5 people.

All of the users had experience with dating application, and are in the same age range for the target audience (20-35) living in Australia.

The scenario used for the testing is below:

“You’re searching for dating applications, and you just came across Attractive World, decided to setup an account to give it a try and look for a partner. talk out loud during the process and tell us what you think.”

06. Analysis

Analysed the results from the users testing and identified common reaction and pain points.

I reviewed the user testing to identify pain points that users were running into. After writing down the insights from the user testing, I grouped them based on the sign up step to determine the feelings and the issues which were the most common.

Analysis outcomes

Users felt overwhelmed with the amount of information they have to fill, some information were they spent time to think of such as body type. Some of the questions were conversation starters, and they spent a lot of time trying to figure out how to answer generic questions (What’s your favourite book, artist, film). In addition, the layout was too dark and not engaging, also users don’t mind answering open ended questions, as it gives more insights about the personality.

07. Ideation

Refined the hypothesis and used how might we exercise to come up with solutions.

We believe that new visitors don’t like traditional signup process. So if we make the process of creating an account more engaging and fun, by asking for relevant information. Then we will see more happy users creating accounts.

We used how might we exercise to generate ideas as much as we can, and then we started sketching our ideas, and then defined a storyboard that we can follow for the final prototype.

08. Design & Prototype

A clear and simplified signup process was designed with interactive elements.

Based on the research results, and the ideation, the direction that we wanted to design is grouping the relevant information into steps, and using less amount of input fields, in order to engage new users more. In addition, we used in between screens to motivate users in filling their information, and showing them that users are looking for personalities like theirs, to make them proud of their appearance.

09. Validation

Prepared a user testing scenario of the new prototype on Invision.

We’ve tested the prototype with 10 users, using the scenario below, to validate our hypothesis.

“You’re interested on finding dating applications, and you just came across Attractive World, decided to setup an account to give it a try and look for a partner.
Please note that for this study, you’ll be using a prototype, not a finished product. Therefore, some features may be missing or unresponsive. If something doesn’t work as expected, tell us what you think should happen instead.”

Heart UX framework provided from Google was used for identifying points for validating the hypothesis.

How it works