Product management

Campaign Management Revamp

Campaign management is the foundation of influencer marketing relationships, influencers and advertisers spend most of their time on campaign were briefs, offers are sent, content gets posted and campaign performance is analysed.

Find and invite Influencers easily

One of the key features of Brandnew is easing the process of creating campaigns for marketers. In which marketers setup a campaign from the brief phase, selecting and inviting influencers to reviewing content and analysing campaign results.

The challenge was to make the process of creating a campaign more efficient, by focusing and improving the flow of finding and inviting influencers.

Invite & import favourite influencers

As part of improving and making Brandnew platform more reliable, we continuously gathered feedback from users on their usage of the product, and found out; agencies have a long list of influencers that they work with saved on an excel sheet, and they wanted to have the influencers on the platform, as it’s easier to operate and see the social network data, since the data is gathered and updated on a regular basis across all social networks.

As a result, the import tool was found to help agencies with creating influencer profiles and inviting them to have an account on Brandnew.